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My Portfolio

I live to entertain and perform, putting my heart and soul into each project that I work on and always striving to build and diversify my portfolio. My artistic outputs result from a combination of my experiences, training, and a great deal of preparation. Contact me to learn more about my work.

Productions: Portfolio
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The Ghosts of the Big Sandy

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The Summers of Love


A Date Away

Breakout Role

Out of all my performances, nothing brought the “wow” factor quite like this one. After spending weeks preparing for this role and setting my own expectations extremely high, I was eager and excited to get out there and perform. The reaction from audiences has been incredible, and I received excellent feedback from critics.

Visit IMDB: Ghosts of the Big Sandy - Production & Contact Info | IMDbPro

Critical Acclaim

This was the role of my dreams! Some fun stunt training for this performance, practicing and perfecting my act. I wanted to truly embody the essence of the role, and fully get into character. The performance received rave reviews from viewers and was a huge success.

Visit IMDB: Summers of Love - Production & Contact Info | IMDbPro

An Unforgettable Experience

As one of my breakout performances, this project holds a very special place in my heart. I couldn’t have worked with a better team, who provided me the support and guidance I needed to elevate my act. I’m proud to say that my performance received outstanding reviews, as did the work of the entire cast and crew.

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